Announcements August 22, 2019

New Student Orientation
Any student who was not present during 1st Block on the first day of school is invited to attend a New Student Orientation on Friday, from 3:00 to 4:00, in the computer lab next to the office.

Doughnut Time
Mrs. Epps and Mr. Whatley invite all students to join them for Doughnut Time on Friday, August 30, from 10:30 to 11:00. Come get to know our wonderful counselors!

Friday Schedule
Please note that our daily schedule is different on Fridays:
1st Block 11:00-11:40
2nd Block 11:45-12:25
Advisory 12:25-12:45
Lunch 12:45-1:05
3rd Block 1:05-1:45
4th Block 1:50-2:30
PLT 2:30-5:00

First Friday PLT
Our first Personalized Learning Time (PLT) will be held this Friday, from 2:30 to 5:00. Students are EXPECTED to stay, unless they have earned the privilege of leaving early with perfect attendance. Each student should see his/her Advisor to verify attendance before leaving on Friday.

Schedule Change Requests
All requests to change schedules have been considered and made, if possible. Any additional requests should be made before Monday, August 26.

MTC Classes Start Monday
Students taking dual-enrollment classes are reminded that those begin Monday, August 26. We have enjoyed the campus to ourselves this week, but the college students will be returning and the halls will be more lively next week!

With MTC classes starting up, the parking lots will also be more full. Be sure to allow time in the mornings to find a space. Also, be sure you have a NEW parking sticker for this year. See Mr. Whatley if you need a form.

VirtualSC Registration
Students who wish to take a class through VirtualSC must register before August 28. Classes DO fill up, so sign up early. See Mrs. Epps for instructions and approval.

December Graduation Application
Any student who plans to graduate in December should submit an application by Friday, August 30. See Mrs. Girolamo for details.

Tobacco/Nicotine & Cell Phone Policies
Parents and students are reminded to review the entire Student Handbook. This was distributed to students on the first day of school and is also available on ourĀ website. In particular, please note that tobacco/nicotine products are not permitted anywhere on campus, and cell phones are not permitted to be in students’ possession during class time. Our goal is to have a safe, healthy, and productive learning environment every day!