Announcements February 3, 2020

Leadership Conference – ALL STUDENTS
We are excited to announce our school’s participation in the “Living, Learning and Leading” conference on Wednesday, March 11, sponsored by the Midlands Education and Business Alliance (MEBA) and the SC Department of Commerce.

On this day, no classes will be held on our Airport campus, and ALL students from Midlands Middle College will instead travel to the Midlands Tech Harbison Campus for this day-long event. Students will hear from keynote speakers and participate in breakout sessions. Lunch will be provided for all participants.

The conference will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. This is different from our normal school day, so please make plans NOW around work, medical appointments, and other commitments. All students are expected to participate, and attendance will be taken. If there are any extraordinary circumstances that might prevent attendance, a parent/guardian should contact Mrs. Girolamo no later than February 28.

Students are encouraged to drive directly to and from the conference, but transportation will be provided from the Airport campus to the Harbison campus, if requested. A permission form will be sent home with students next week.

On February 10th at 11:00, our school will be administering the ASVAB career assessment to all students. This assessment is a great tool used by individuals to help figure out which career path to look into. Since it’s an aptitude test, it doesn’t just tell you what you’re currently good at, but what you may be good at learning in the future. The assessment results are also good for two years. This is a great opportunity for students to learn more about career paths.

Please keep in mind, taking this assessment does not commit you to the military in any way. It’s simply used as a tool to help guide students and give them direction regardless of military interest or college and career interest.

The assessment will last for about 3 hours. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Whatley.

February Attendance Incentive
There are 19 school days in February. Every student who has perfect attendance for those 19 days will be invited to attend lunch and a movie on Friday, March 6. Parents, please encourage your students to earn this incentive!

Weather Makeup Day
We missed school back in September due to the impact of Hurricane Dorian. Therefore, our first scheduled weather makeup day (Monday, February 17) will be a REGULAR school day. If we have no other inclement weather or school closings, the second and third weather makeup days will be vacation days. You can view our full school calendar here.