MMC Hosts Parent University Night

On May 6, 2014, on the Airport Campus of Midlands Technical College, Midlands Educational Business Alliance (MEBA) presented a Parent University “Hot Jobs in South Carolina.” The moderator of this university night was Tom Ledbetter from Midlands Technical College.

Guest panel members included Val Richardson, Palmetto Health; Tom Trively, SCANA representative; Brian Andrews, PurePower Technologies; Alicia Thibaudet, IT-oLogy; and Ralph Young, FN Manufacturing.

Tom Ledbetter began the university night by stating that the need for skilled employees in Health Care, IT, Advanced Manufacturing, and Energy will be driving our state’s economy in the years to come. He encouraged students to give back and get involved in the state in which they live and learn. It’s never too late to begin planning the future students envision by being college, career, and citizenship ready today.

When the panel members were asked by Mr. Ledbetter what they were looking for in job interviews, they responded by stating the following:

  • Appearance is important. 93% of people are hired based on what potential employers see. Students should be prepared to conform to their selected industry’s dress code. Tattooing is not a business look.
  • Articulation of past performance is necessary to convince employers to hire you. Be genuine and show en- thusiasm for the job you are applying. Make sure that you “shine” in written form. Write well and speak well.
  • Give eye contact and display an appropriate level of self-confidence. Have good posture.
  • No texting during the interview. Turn your cell phone to vibrate or leave them in your car.
  • Limit inappropriate facebook, Twitter, and Instagram responses. Potential employers do read social media responses.
  • Also, most industries require background checks for previous criminal activity. Therefore, never lie on your resume or during your job interview. In addition, be aware that most industries have mandatory drug testing.
  • Finally, soft skills of cooperation, flexibility, innovation, creativity, punctuality, and problem-solving are highly valued by employers.