Announcements October 2, 2020

January Graduation Application
Any senior who is planning to graduate this January should complete and submit this Early Graduation Application. If all requirements are met, your last day of school will be January 15. Mid-year diplomas should be available for pickup in February.

COVID-19 & Learning Models
As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, you may hear about other schools and districts making changes to their learning models to transition students back to five days a week. In order to provide our students with consistency, MMC has planned to keep our current learning models through the end of the first semester in January. As we get closer to that date, a decision will be made about learning models for the spring semester. All students will have the opportunity to choose the same or a different learning model from the options available at that time. 

PSAT Registration
Attention 11th graders! We have just a few spaces remaining for the PSAT. Submit this form and $17 payment to register. Participation in the PSAT could qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship. Visit this website to learn more!

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Attention seniors and parents/guardians of seniors! If you plan to attend college starting in the fall 2021 semester, the FAFSA has officially opened as of October 1st. The sooner you complete your FAFSA, the better! Completing your FAFSA helps with financial aid, scholarships, and grants. Please contact Mr. Whatley for more details. Don’t delay!

Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop
On Wednesday, October 21, the Be Pro Be Proud Mobile Workshop will be visiting our campus. This is an “A-Day” and all students present will have an opportunity to visit the workshop. Any student who normally attends only on “B-Days” but would like to participate in the workshop, we would love to have you! Please check in with Mr. Whatley to let him know you’re interested. Visit this website to learn more about this opportunity.

Senior Photos
Reminder: Be sure to sign up for your free portrait session on October 6, 12, or 28.

Announcements September 25, 2020

Charter Choice Survey
Many members of the General Assembly and the Governors’ office are interested as to why our families chose a charter school in the time of COVID-19 and before. At your convenience, please complete this brief parent survey so the data can be collected by our district and presented to our elected officials. The hope is this will help with funding and support for charter schools across South Carolina.

Testing Reminders
Please put these dates on your calendar! Testing may require students to attend on a day that isn’t a normal “in-person” day, and most of the tests start earlier than our usual 11:00 start time. Not all students will take all of these tests. If you are not sure which tests you will take, please check with Mrs. Lee.

ASVAB: Wednesday (10/7) or Thursday (10/8) at 11:00 a.m. (Cohorts A and B only)
SAT – Wednesday (10/14) at 9:00 a.m. (Select 4th year students)
ACT – Tuesday (10/20) at 9:00 a.m. (Select 4th year students)
PSAT – Thursday (10/29) at 9:00 a.m. (By registration only. Registration is due October 1!)
WIN – Friday (10/30) at 9:00 a.m. (ALL 4th year students)

VirtualSC Withdrawal Deadline
The last date to withdraw from a VirtualSC course, without it affecting your GPA, is Tuesday, September 29. Please speak with one of our counselors or administrators if you are considering dropping a course so that we can assist with that decision.

Tuesday, September 29 is also the deadline for fully-virtual students to switch to our hybrid learning model. 

Be100 Challenge
The first drawings for the Be100 Challenge will be next Tuesday (B-day) and Wednesday (A-day). You still have time to earn tickets!

Our new challenge for the month of October will focus on attendance. Students can earn one ticket each week that they have perfect attendance. We will continue to award tickets for participating in Well-Dressed Wednesday and Thread-Up Thursday, and for any other evidence of “Be 100”.

Previous Announcements
Did you know? All announcements are posted to our website:  Midlands Middle If you are looking for a specific message or just want to make sure you haven’t missed anything, that is the best place to look!

Announcements September 18, 2020

Dual Enrollment Interest Meeting
Any student who is interested in taking college classes through MTC next semester should attend a meeting next Wednesday or Thursday at 10:30. See this flyer for details. If you are unable to attend, please contact Mr. Whatley to schedule a virtual meeting. Parents are also encouraged to participate!

PSAT registration is now open. This test is recommended for high-achieving juniors who would like a chance to qualify for a National Merit Scholarship. Submit this form and $17 payment to register. Contact Mrs. Lee with any questions.
Registration deadline: Thursday, October 1
Test Administration: Thursday, October 29 @ 9:00 a.m.

Free Tutoring
Free tutoring is now available for SC students through with real time tutoring from 8am-10pm, Sunday-Saturday. This includes Live Homework Help, WriteTutor Center, Test Prep Center, and a SkillsCenter Resource Library. Tutors are available with no appointment needed!

Senior Photos
Seniors, it is already time to start planning for graduation! We have partnered with Pretty Pictures Photography to take your senior drape/tux and cap/gown photos. Use this form to sign up for your personal portrait session on October 6, 12, or 28.

Announcements September 11, 2020

School Counseling Website
Our new counseling website is live! Be sure to check this out for information on all the services of our counseling department: college and career preparation, dual-enrollment, financial aid and scholarships, and much more! Visit the site here:

Be100 Challenge
Our school motto is “Be 100” which encourages students to strive to do their very best. Next week will begin our first Be 100 Challenge. Students may earn tickets for completing activities, and at the end of the month we will hold a LIVE prize drawing. This month’s prizes include an extended lunch period, with food provided by the school, and several other goodies. You may win more than one prize! This month’s activities are:

Well-Dressed Wednesday & Thread-Up Thursday:  Each Wednesday or Thursday, come to school dressed like you are interviewing for your dream job. Ms. Graham is the judge of whether you are dressed “up”. See her in the office to collect your ticket. We have an inventory of career-ready wear available – see Mr. Whatley or Ms. Epps if you are interested.

One Week of 100% On-Time Assignments: You can potentially earn a ticket for this EVERY week for EVERY class. See your teachers on Monday or Tuesday to collect your ticket from the previous week.

Staff Choice: Any staff member can award a student an extra ticket if they are seen exhibiting the spirit of “Be 100”. So do your very best and see what happens!

Hold on to your tickets. This month’s drawings will be held on September 29 (A-Day) and September 30 (B-Day). You must be present to win, and you must have a matching ticket. Good luck!

Announcements September 4, 2020

We have reached the end of our second week and everyone seems to be settling in nicely to the new routine. Below are your announcements for this week:

“Virtual” Attendance
For students in our hybrid model, please understand that attendance on an E-Learning day is determined by completion of assigned lessons that day. Students who fail to submit assignments by the deadline established by the classroom teacher will be marked absent. If you have any questions about your attendance, please speak first with your classroom teacher and then with Mrs. Lee.

Assessment Schedule
See this link for our 2020-2021 Assessment Schedule, and mark these dates on your calendar. It is crucial for students to be present on these important dates!

School ID Photos
If you did not have your picture taken at Open House/Orientation, or if you would like to have your picture retaken, you will have that opportunity at 11:00 on Wednesday, September 9 or Thursday, September 10. These photos will be used to create MMC student IDs. Although we do not require our students to wear their IDs, they can be beneficial as a form of identification, obtaining access to student-only events, etc. 

COVID-19 Cases
MMC is working closely with DHEC to identify and report any positive cases within our school community. At this time, we have had ONE positive case. The student contracted the virus and tested positive prior to the start of school and had not set foot on our campus, so there were no close contacts identified. If we do have a case of someone who has been on campus and has tested positive, we will again work with DHEC to identify any close contacts, who will be notified right away and advised to begin quarantine. 
Remember, all students and staff should be monitoring themselves daily for any possible symptoms and should NOT come to school if sick. Notify the school right away if you test positive, are experiencing symptoms, or have a confirmed exposure to someone who tested positive.

Internet Hotspots
We still have a number of FREE or reduced-cost hotspots available. If you do not have reliable internet access at home, please contact Mrs. Girolamo as soon as possible to secure one of these devices.

Labor Day Holiday
Please note that Monday, September 7 is a school holiday – there will be no in-person classes or E-Learning assignments that day.

Announcements August 30, 2020

We have wrapped up a successful first week of the 2020-2021 school year, and I believe the transition to our new Hybrid and Virtual Learning Models went quite smoothly. It is a pleasure seeing students and teachers back in action, finally! Below are your announcements for this week:

We have a limited number of FREE and/or reduced-cost hotspots available through a statewide contract with Verizon. If you do not have reliable internet access at home, please contact Mrs. Girolamo as soon as possible to secure one of these hotspots. They are limited, so act quickly!

We also have a number of chromebooks available. For our on-campus students, remember the one issued to you by your Advisor is to be picked up each morning and returned at the end of the school day, NOT to be taken home. If you need a device to use at home, see Mrs. Graham or Mrs. Girolamo in the main office.

VirtualSC Courses
Registration has begun for VirtualSC courses and will continue through September 9. Any student wanting to take a virtual course should sign up as soon as possible. Classes do fill up quickly! See Ms. Epps if you need help with registration.

Each Friday from 11:00 to 2:00, students have the opportunity to attend Personalized Learning Time (PLT) to work one-on-one with teachers and to make up both time and missed assignments. Any student with an unexcused absence, tardy, or overdue assignment is expected to attend PLT and will be marked absent if they do not. Contact Mrs. Lee with any questions about attendance or PLT.

College Visits
MMC is all about preparing our students for their educational future. If you are interested in either an in-person or virtual college visit, please speak with one of our counselors to help coordinate that opportunity. Both juniors and seniors are encouraged to participate. Please reach out to Mr. Whatley or Ms. Epps

ACT/SAT Testing
Any 4th-year high school student who did not take the free ACT or SAT last year will have the opportunity to take it for free this fall. Most of you indicated your selection at Open House/Orientation. If you did not tell us which test you’d like to take, please reach out to Mrs. Lee to let her know. The ACT will be held on September 22, and the SAT will be October 14. 

3rd-year high school students will take these tests in the Spring (ACT February 23, SAT April 27).

Labor Day Holiday
Please note that Monday, September 7 is a school holiday – there will be no in-person classes or E-Learning assignments that day.

Announcements August 21, 2020

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year! We are thrilled to finally be back on campus and ready to welcome students next week. 

School starts Monday for EVERYONE!
If you are in Hybrid Cohort A or Fully In-Person, we will see you at school Monday morning. Please arrive early to find a parking spot and get to your class on time. Our staff will be in the hallways ready to assist you if you have any questions.

If you are in Hybrid Cohort B, you will have E-Learning assignments to complete on Monday. Please check your email and Google Classroom. Let us know if you are not able to login.

If you are a Fully Virtual student, be sure you have connected to Mrs. Goldin’s Google Classroom and signed up for your weekly check-in. If you missed Orientation last week, we have scheduled a makeup session for Tuesday, August 25 at 4:00pm. Please be there!

New Students: If you have not received your schedule, then we are waiting on records from your previous school. Please be on the lookout for an email containing instructions for the first day of school.

Pre-Orientation Videos
Here is another chance to learn what this school year will look like. This will be explained in more detail during the first week of school.
Pre-Orientation: Fully Virtual Learning Model
Pre-Orientation: Hybrid Learning Model
Pre-Orientation: Fully In-Person Learning Model

Testing Forms
Most of our students are eligible to take either the SAT or the ACT for free this year. Eligibility is based on how many years you have been in high school. Please choose the letter that applies to you, and return this to the school. If you came to Open House/Orientation, you may have already done this.
3rd Year Students: ACT/SAT Letter4th Year Students: ACT/SAT Letter

Parents, communication with you will be more important this year than it ever has been. We strongly urge you to access your PowerSchool account and install the app on your phone so you receive instant updates regarding your child’s attendance and grades. Please contact us if you need your login information or have any questions.

Chromebooks & Internet Access
Students will pick up their chromebook from their Advisor each morning and return it to their Advisor at the end of the day. These devices should NOT be taken home. If you do not have a device to access E-Learning at home, please talk to Mrs. G about getting a second chromebook for home use.

Students who wish to bring their own devices to school may do so, and we will help them connect to the internet here.

If you do not have reliable internet access at home, please talk to Mrs. G about assistance with obtaining this access. We will have help available!

Midlands Tech students also start class next week, so our students will likely not be able to find a space in the lot right behind our building. There is plenty of parking in the Granby lot as well as parallel parking along Kentucky Avenue. All students must have a parking decal – see Mr. Whatley to get yours!

Pictures/Student IDs
If you did not have your picture taken at Open House/Orientation, please let us know during the first week of school. These photos will be used to create your MMC Student ID.

Dual Enrollment
Fall has barely started and we are already making plans for dual-enrollment courses in the Spring. If you are interested in taking college classes next semester, please talk to Mr. Whatley about taking the Accuplacer placement test in September. Be on the lookout for more details, including paperwork and enrollment deadlines, which will be coming soon!

Pre-Orientation Videos

MMC has prepared Pre-Orientation videos for all students and parents. This will explain how school will look this year. Please watch the video for the Learning Model YOU chose. If you are not sure which Learning Model you selected, please contact the school and we will be happy to talk with you.

Pre-Orientation: Fully Virtual Learning Model
Pre-Orientation: Hybrid Learning Model
Pre-Orientation: Fully In-Person Learning Model

Your video contains all the details about Open House/Orientation sessions being held next week – we ask that you watch the video BEFORE you come on campus. We look forward to seeing you then!

Open House & Orientation

Enrolled students are invited to attend our Open House and Orientation sessions next week! Be on the lookout for a Pre-Orientation video that will be sent via email in the coming days. We strongly encourage you to view this BEFORE attending Open House. Then we will be available to answer any questions you have about the start of school. 

Students who select the Hybrid or Fully In-Person learning models will attend one of the following Open House sessions:

Tuesday, August 18, 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Wednesday, August 19, 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

At Open House, you will go through several “stations” to pick up your schedule, set up your PowerSchool account, see your classrooms, meet your teachers, purchase MMC shirts, and more. We will observe all campus safety protocols, so bring your mask and be prepared to practice social distancing!

Students who select the Fully Virtual learning model will need to register for a small-group, in-person Orientation Session on Wednesday, August 19. Here, you will meet the staff members who will support you throughout the year in your virtual learning experience. You will also create your virtual school account and register for your courses. Each session will be limited to five students, and each student may bring one parent to the orientation. Click here to register.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

MMC Reopening Plans 2020-2021

Midlands Middle College has announced its plans for welcoming students and staff back to campus in August 2020. By using a hybrid learning model, the school seeks to maximize in-person instructional time while also keeping health and safety a priority.

Students, parents, staff, and board members met virtually on June 24 to discuss the plans for reopening. Anyone unable to attend is encouraged to view the resources available on the school’s website and provide feedback until July 1.

The hybrid learning model means that students will be divided into two groups, with each group attending classes in-person two days per week: either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. This schedule mirrors the one used by Midlands Technical College and is already familiar to MMC’s dual-enrollment students. Alternating days will consist of E-Learning lessons developed by the teachers. Students will be dismissed at 3:30 to allow ample time for planning and collaboration among the staff. Fridays will be used for additional support and small-group activities.

MMC staff are highly skilled at identifying the needs of individual students and finding solutions to meet those needs. In developing the schedule for reopening, choice and flexibility will be provided for those with unique circumstances. For students who do not feel safe returning to school in August, fully virtual options will be available. Additional in-person learning time and support may be offered to students with disabilities who need accommodations and/or students who have limited access to the internet at home. Recognizing that needs and situations may change, the MMC staff will continue to monitor our students’ progress and provide them with opportunities for success.

As a public charter high school located on a college campus, MMC will be adhering to health and safety guidelines by various entities. The current campus guidelines can be found here, and additional guidelines for public schools can be found here. As conditions related to the pandemic continue to change, MMC staff will remain up-to-date on the latest guidance and ensure it is implemented fully throughout the school.

As students and staff return to campus in August, MMC seeks to continue furthering its mission: to prepare 11th and 12th grade high school students for a successful work and educational future through the integration of high school, technical college, and the world of work by providing targeted students with a rigorous and relevant academic program.