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Since 2006, Midlands Middle College has helped hundreds of students achieve academic, professional and personal success. But don’t take our word for it, take theirs!

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Midlands Middle College has offered me the opportunity of a lifetime to continue my high school education here. I love the energy in the mornings from my peers and teachers. I feel as if no other school would've given me the guidance and structure as this school.

BJ Lindsey

Midlands Middle College means alot to me because I have raised my grades. The teachers are really helpful and always make sure you turn your work in on time. I highly recommend MMC.

My personal experience at Midlands Middle College has been a positive change for me. The people and the opportunities have led me on a path to do better. I’m now enrolled in my electrical college class. The staff has helped keep me motivated. I wish I had heard about it earlier.

Midlands Middle College has offered me many opportunities that I wouldn’t have anywhere else, like free college classes to help me pursue the occupation I would like to go in to.

Midlands Middle College helped me complete many things within the two years I was with them. Graduation was nowhere in my future, and my teachers and the support from Midlands helped me do that. Midlands Middle College was a great experience!

Midlands Middle college helped me achieve some of the things I thought I could never accomplish. I graduated with the best grades I’ve ever had in my whole high school career and with the help and support of all the staff at MMC, I finished 2 college classes my senior year. Thank you, MMC, for making my impossibles possible.

At Midlands Middle College, I was able to find a path that worked for me. With the encouragement of each and every staff member, I was able to find the education to better myself in life and a career straight out of high school.