Success Stories

Since 2006, Midlands Middle College has helped hundreds of students achieve academic, professional and personal success. But don’t take our word for it, take theirs!

“Midlands Middle College has offered me many opportunities that I wouldn’t have anywhere else, like free college classes to help me pursue the occupation I would like to go in to.”

– Miranda, Class of 2021

“Midlands Middle College helped me complete many things within the two years I was with them. Graduation was nowhere in my future, and my teachers and the support from Midlands helped me do that. Midlands Middle College was a great experience!”

– Idalmys, Class of 2019


“Midlands Middle college helped me achieve some of the things I thought I could never accomplish. I graduated with the best grades I’ve ever had in my whole high school career and with the help and support of all the staff at MMC, I finished 2 college classes my senior year. Thank you, MMC, for making my impossibles possible.”

– Victoria, Class of 2019

“At Midlands Middle College, I was able to find a path that worked for me. With the encouragement of each and every staff member, I was able to find the education to better myself in life and a career straight out of high school.”

– Michael, Class of 2019


“At the edge of dropping out of high school, Midlands Middle College welcomed me with open arms. With the staff’s support I was able to regain my confidence enough to continue my education following high school. Definitely worth every moment! ”

– Marina, Class of 2018

“Midlands Middle College helped me think about and prepare for my future. The teachers and experiences showed me options I wasn’t aware of or hadn’t really considered. Now I have a plan and I’m excited about what’s ahead.”

– Xeivier, Class of 2015

“Before coming to Midlands Middle College, I often felt distracted and disconnected, like I was lost in the crowd. Here, the smaller class sizes and friendly environment make it much easier to focus and to learn.”

– Hailey, Class of 2015

“The teachers are always willing to help and encourage you. It’s like we are part of the same team, working together toward the same goal and success is the only option.”

– Ben, Class of 2015

“Midlands Middle College is awesome. The people are what make the difference. Everyone — teachers and students — is here because they want to be. The environment is positive and supportive, and the focus is on the future.”

– William, Class of 2014

“I love the flexible class schedule and location on a college campus. For me, Midlands Middle College is high school with a great and refreshing twist.”

– Beth, Class of 2015

“The teachers really care about you and are there to help and encourage you. They truly believe in you and your future, and that makes you believe in yourself.”

– Devonte, Class of 2015

“Not everyone learns the same, and at Midlands Middle College teachers tailor their teaching styles to the needs of the students. Here, I am treated as an individual, not just another student.”

– Elijah, Class of 2015