Why Midlands Middle College?

Midlands Middle College is more than a school, it’s a bridge to success. Read on to learn more about what sets us apart, then give us a call at 803.822.7043 or contact us to see how we can work together.

Your future is waiting. Discover Midlands Middle College today.

Educational challenge

Midlands Middle College integrates high school, technical college and the world of work into one rigorous and relevant program. A South Carolina Public Charter School, MMC prepares students for successful academic and professional futures.

“At Midlands Middle College, I am treated as an individual, not just another student.”

– Elijah, MMC Graduate

Individualized learning

Midlands Middle College is committed to every student’s success. Course selection, teaching styles and extended learning opportunities are tailored to each student’s graduation plan. Faculty and teachers get to know students — their interests, strengths and future goals — an take the time necessary to ensure they achieve.

Fresh academic start

At Midlands Middle College, we believe that past performance does not define future success. We understand that for some students — and for various reasons — the traditional high school experience just doesn’t fit. We believe in second chances and fresh starts. If you’re committed to a successful future, we’re here to help you get there.

“When difficulties and challenges began to surface in the traditional school environment, and it is your child, it is comforting to know that there are options. Midlands Middle College was our solution.”

– Parent of MMC Student

Dual enrollment with tuition-free college courses

Our unique partnership with Midlands Technical College gives Midlands Middle College students can enroll in college courses at no charge. Dual enrollment supplements and enhances the standard high school curriculum and it increases course options related to students’ Individual Graduation Plans and career interest. It also helps connect students to their future, helping them see college as a reality and giving them a jump start to get there.

Small classes

Our small class sizes offer more personalized and focused instruction, as well as innovative teaching and hands-on learning opportunities. We believe — and research supports — smaller classes promote higher student achievement, fewer disciplinary distractions and lower dropout rates.

In fact, a study commissioned by the US Department of Education shows not only a direct correlation between smaller classes and higher student success but also that these achievement gains are more strongly linked to class size in the upper rather than lower grades.*

* Donald McLaughlin and Gili Drori, “School-Level Correlates of Academic Achievement: Student Assessment
Scores in SASS Public Schools.” Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education, 2000;

Highly qualified, certified teachers

Midlands Middle College boasts a team of highly qualified, certified teachers committed to providing a challenging and relevant educational experience for all students. Perhaps the only thing more impressive than our teachers’ qualifications is their dedication to our students. Midlands Middle College teachers give freely of their time and attention, offering assistance and support and encouraging every student to achieve academic, professional and personal excellence.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Midlands Middle College places great emphasis not only on academic achievement within the classroom, but also relevant and beneficial experience outside the classroom. Extended learning opportunities such as job shadowing, mentoring and field trips foster college and career readiness and connect our students to real world success.