Apply to Midlands Middle College

We believe that past performance does not define future success. We understand that for some students — and for various reasons — the traditional high school experience just doesn’t fit. We believe in second chances and fresh starts. If you’re committed to a successful future, we’re here to help you get there.

Apply Now

Students requesting entrance to Midlands Middle College must submit a fully completed application for enrollment consideration. Applications will be accepted until seats are filled. Please click the button below to complete the online application!


Download, complete and mail your application to:

Midlands Middle College
PO Box 2408
Columbia, SC 29202

Apply In Person

Apply in person at:

Midlands Middle College
Midlands Technical College, Airport Campus
Congaree Hall, Room 120
1260 Lexington Drive
West Columbia, SC 29170

Need Assistance?

If you have questions, or need assistance with your application, please click on the Application Assistance button, complete your contact information, and Midlands Middle College will contact you to aid in the application process.

Enrollment Process

Step One:  Submit an application online, by mail, or in person. The application is available beginning March 1 for enrollment in August.


Step Two:  Call 803-822-7043 to schedule an appointment. The prospective student and a parent will meet with a school counselor or administrator to discuss enrollment.


Step Three:  Submit the enrollment packet (provided during the in-person appointment) and supporting documents.


Lottery/Waitlist:  MMC’s enrollment capacity is 135 students. If more applications are received than spaces available, a lottery will be held. Students returning from the prior year will be automatically re-enrolled. New applications received March 1 through March 30 will be entered into the lottery to fill remaining spaces and create an initial waitlist. If capacity has been reached, new students who apply after March 30 will be added to the waitlist in the order the applications are received. All enrollment documents should be completed in a timely fashion, or an available opening may be offered to the next student on the waitlist.

Enrollment Requirements

Midlands Middle College enrolls students in the 11th or 12th grade. Each school/district sets their own criteria for each grade level, and MMC’s requirements may differ from a student’s prior school.

Students who enroll at MMC must be eligible to attend their local public high school and cannot be currently expelled or recommended for expulsion.

11th Grade/Junior

MMC will enroll a student in the 11th grade if he or she has successfully earned the following credits:

  • English 1
  • English 2
  • Algebra 1 OR Foundations/Intermediate Algebra
  • At least 8 total credits

12th Grade/Senior

MMC will enroll a student in the 12th grade if he or she has successfully earned the following credits:

  • English 1
  • English 2
  • English 3
  • Algebra 1 OR Foundations/Intermediate Algebra
  • One additional math credit
  • At least 16 total credits

The principal may, at his or her discretion, waive the requirements listed above for new enrollees or for continuing students if special circumstances warrant an exception.

Dual Enrollment

One of the goals of Midlands Middle College is to provide the opportunity for eligible students to enroll in courses at Midlands Technical College (MTC) and earn college credit before high school graduation. Students obtain eligible status by adhering to the following:

  • Completion of MTC placement test (Accuplacer) to determine college courses that align with student’s placement test scores and goals for education and career
  • Regular, on-time attendance at MMC for at least one semester
  • Academic success in each MMC class (all end-of-quarter grades above 80)
  • Attend a dual-enrollment information session for students and parents
  • Adhere to all stated deadlines
  • Sponsorship by MMC teachers, counselor, and principal
  • Obtain parent/guardian permission
  • Participate in MMC mentoring program as required (weekly)
  • Maintain satisfactory attendance in all classes

MMC will sponsor, if the budget allows, for eligible students to participate in two college classes per semester. Sponsorship includes tuition, enrollment fees, and textbooks. An eligible student may enroll in additional courses in accordance with MTC policies and at the expense of the student’s parent/guardian.