Announcements April 25, 2021

Learning Models: New Legislation & Plans for Next Year
You may have seen in the news this week that Senate Bill S. 704 was passed by our state legislature and was signed into law by the governor. This legislation requires that schools offer five-day, face-to-face instruction on or before April 26, 2021. This does not limit the flexibility for schools to provide other modes of education. MMC has offered an everyday option to our students since the beginning of the school year, so this new legislation DOES NOT change our current learning models for the remainder of the year.

As we look ahead to the 2021-2022 school year, MMC will continue to offer an everyday learning option for students. Our hybrid (A/B) model is under consideration and must be approved by our district’s board to be continued. We will update our families as decisions are made regarding the hybrid model. 

For 2021-2022, MMC will no longer offer a fully-virtual model. All students will be expected to come on campus for some or all of their classes. We will continue to supplement our in-person instruction with virtual courses for students who need or want that option. For students who are currently in our fully-virtual model, we will work with each of you individually to discuss your decision for next school year.

Dual-enrollment courses through Midlands Tech will be shifting toward more in-person instruction. However, some online options will still be available next year. Please contact Mr. Whatley with any questions related to dual-enrollment courses.

We have worked diligently this year to provide consistency to our students in offering all three learning models – virtual, hybrid, and everyday. We understand that preparing for change and any uncertainty about next year may be difficult. We welcome your feedback as we are making plans, and we pledge to provide you with as much information and advance notice as possible. Please reach out to Mrs. Girolamo with any questions or concerns about learning models.

Summer Courses
MMC will offer courses this summer through VirtualSC. Registration begins May 26. Please speak with a counselor or administrator to discuss course selections before registering.

SAT Testing
Reminder: The SAT is scheduled for this Tuesday, April 27. If you (or your student) signed up for this test, you should have received an email containing all the details regarding the preregistration session, times, etc. Please contact Dr. Lee with any questions.

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